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The Dreams Way back when I first started the site and I had a lot of time on my hands, I used to make lots of collages. But there was always a special one for each month... these became my Dreams. Over the years, I've created 58 of them and hopefully this won't be all. Most of these collages took me weeks to create... now I could say that I'm slow or that I'm never satisfied. I could even say that I'm a perfectionist. But instead I'll just say... they're my dreams.

Themed Collages Some of the 29 Themed Collages were my own ideas, some were inspired by poems from Ami or Cate, some were for collage contests or challenges, and some were gifts to friends. They are, of course, all X-Files related collages. They're also some of my earliest works so be nice lol!

Special Art And then, there's my Special Art. There are 50 collages I've made for friends for special occasions as well as special happenings online. Some are XF related... some aren't. My Advent Calendar collages are here.

Beyond the X-Files Yes, believe it or not, I sometimes make collages that go Beyond the X-Files, 22 of them in fact. For most of them, my thanks to friends who had contests that pushed me to try my hand at other things. Because of that, I ended up making one of my favorite collages ever. Thanks Terry!