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Unruhe I haven't done an episode collage since Terma over 2 years ago. And Unruhe was such an excellent episode… scary, but brilliantly done. I love the episodes where you get to see how Mulder's beautiful mind works. And in this episode, no one but him could have figured out what was happening in time to save Scully. I made this collage the day after seeing The X-Files: I Want to Believe and though it has nothing to do with the movie, can you imagine the inspiration we'd have if the series was still on television? *g* [august 2008]

The brushes I used came from Celestial Star and VBrush, and the fonts are Astonished, Australian Sunrise, and Arial Black.

≈ tomorrow

Tomorrow 6 long years I've waited for a new pic and was it ever worth the wait! I've read some great fanfic that was inspired by it, and the more I looked at it myself, I just knew that I had to play with it. Over the weekend, I did that. I tried adding other images to it but they just didn't work for me... this one needed to be just them, just this one image. So I borrowed a line from a Neil Diamond song, and although it's not really a collage of sorts, it is a long-awaited dream that has finally come true. I hope you see what I saw in that wonderful picture from People magazine. [may 2008]

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