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John Denver Wallpaper John Denver is one of my favorite singers… I have loved his songs forever. I own many of his cd's but my most treasured ones are the dvd and cd that was made for his Wildlife Concert. Yes, he sings many of his old songs but they're different. He's older… his voice is deeper… the songs are at a slower tempo. Because of all this, you listen to the words more and come away with so much more meaning to them. I made this wallpaper in August of 2005 from one of the captures that I made from the concert.

≈ let me in

Let Me In Terry and I both agreed that the best Batman was Michael Keaton and for her Batman Challenge in March of 2004 at Terry's X-Art [terryxart.com] I made this. I loved the movie and have been a fan of the Batman comics for years. I wanted to portray both sides of the man and the difficulty he had keeping his secret and his past that made him the man he was. The captures were mine that I had made as a gift for Terry. Making the red rose the only color in the collage was one of the best ideas I've had in creating. Many thanks to everyone who voted this into 1st place! · see the award

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