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Dances With Wolves Wallscroll This was my very first, and only attempt, at a wallscroll collage. I was trying to tell the story from the movie, but it's just impossible to get everything into a collage that wouldn't end up being too large to even view. So when the Philedom2k Forums Lengthy Dedication Challenge [philedom2k.com] came along in November 2003, I stopped the collage where I was and entered it in the contest. It received Honorable Mention… isn't that awesome? The beautiful award was made by Touchstone [touchstonesart.com].

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Dark Beauty Tippy held a contest at Digital Bristle [ti-fi.com] in September 2003 where she wrote the lines to a poem and we had to use them in a collage. We could interpret them any way we wanted as long as we used her poem. Once I read the words I knew I had to collage The Horse Whisperer. Her beautiful words were perfect for such an amazing horse. I took my own captures but I honestly can't remember whose brushes I used. There must have been a lot of people who loved the movie as much as I did because this collage won 1st place … thank you all! · see the award

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