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Everywhere Arte Digital's [shipperx.com/kessia] first Couple Challenge in July 2002 was for David Duchovny and his beautiful wife Tea Leoni. This was one of the hardest collages I've ever done and you can tell that I spent so much more time working on Tea than I did on David. The only brushes I used were my roses from Tere [classic.tere-art.com] and a lot of blending with gradients. I didn't quite get the perspective I was trying for, but I did love the coloring. Most exciting of all was getting 2nd place in the contest… thank you voters! · see the award

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Shanna My favorite romance novel of all time is Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. In June 2002 Touchstone [touchstonesart.com] held a Design a DJ contest and I thought this book would be perfect. I've always loved the beauty and majesty of clipper ships so I started there, added a Southern plantation, a brush from Vered's VBrush and it was almost done. But I needed flowers… they're a brush from someone and I just made them cascade down the image. I doubt the writer would have chosen this for her DJ, but it was a lot of fun to create and I was so thrilled to get the 2nd place award … thank you all!

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