≈ for you

For You One of the most romantic scenes ever is from the movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. I had just done the captures from the movie in September 2002 for my site I Believe so naturally a collage needed to be done. I think this is the only collage I've done with Kevin where you don't even see his face… the collage is all about the lady who loves him. I wanted it to be romantically mystical and I hoped that it would make you want to watch the movie. Does it?

≈ when i called your name

When I Called Your Name My very first, and failed, attempt at a borderless collage was made in July 2002 for a Lyrical Contest at Touchstone's Art [touchstonesart.com]. You could use any images or lyrics but the name of the song had to be on the collage along with the name of the artist who sang it. I chose Vince Gill and his hauntingly beautiful When I Called Your Name. I used all stock images and some gradients with a bit of a brush from Vered's VBrush. I really liked how parts of it came out, but I wasn't very happy with the blending in the middle. Many thanks to all the voters for giving me 3rd place … I really didn't deserve it. · see the award

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