≈ birthday card

Kevin Costner Birthday Card It's no secret that Kevin Costner is my favorite actor and in January 2004 I made him this birthday card. I used images that I found on the web except for the main one… that's from my captures from the movie For Love of the Game. I just loved that image of him. *g*  I don't remember whose brushes I used but I always remember his birthday. January 18th just happens to be my wedding anniversary. And if you think that's weird, his wedding anniversary of Sept. 25th just happens to be the date my husband gave me his ID bracelet many years ago and we became a "couple." To this day, we still celebrate that date.

≈ dream awards

2003 Dream Awards Graphic For the 2003 Dream Awards in Januaary 2004, I created a special little site for all of the collage entries and this was the graphic that was used on the opening page. The images were from various places online and the gorgeous brushes that I used were from the Fifth Muse. The special site is no longer online, but all of the winners' collages are... just follow the link above.

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