≈ little one

Little One This collage was made in August of 2003 for Terry's X Men Challenge [terryxart.com] using her screen captures and is my favorite of all my non X-Files collages. I used brushes from Photoshop and my roses. Wolverine was my favorite character from the movie and I wanted to show how he was willing to risk his life for Rogue, no matter what. The idea for the text came from the old movie Sayonara where they used a Japanese saying: "No one before you my husband, not even I." Thank you to everyone who voted and gave me 1st place for this. I was so honored... still am. · see the award

≈ sleepy hollow

Sleepy Hollow I made this one as a gift for Terry [terryxart.com] in May of 2003 using her captures from the movie. Unfortunately, I've never seen it so I have no idea if the images I used even made sense together. I know I wanted it to be romantic (there's a surprise, right? *g*) so I used my favorite color blue, a brush I'm not sure from whom, and a little texture. If I had it to do over again, I'd at least see the movie so I knew the story line. *g*

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