≈ there's only one

There's Only One The man and his leading ladies… Dances With Wolves and Stands With A Fist, Garret Blake and Theresa Osborne, Billy Chapel and Jane Aubrey, Frank Farmer and Rachel Marron, Crash Davis and Annie Savoy, Ray Kinsella and Annie. He's played many characters, but to me and millions of fans all over the world, there's only one Kevin Costner. This was a very early collage for me made in August 2001 and if I was doing it now, I probably wouldn't put as many images into it. But change this one? Never…

≈ loving you

Loving You My mom simply loved Elvis Presley and for her birthday in May 2001 I made her this collage, printed it out and framed it. In March of 2007 my mom passed away and the picture is now with me. But every time I look at it, I can see her smiling face and hear the happiness in her voice when she opened my present. She had his movies, his concerts, and even plates with his face on them. She was a true fan and I'm thankful that I could give her a little part of him from me. Love you Mom.

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