≈ peace

Peace The theme for a contest at Touchstone's Art in December 2001 [touchstonesart.com] was simply Peace. What does the word bring to your mind? To me, it was the quiet beauty of mountains, the calm you feel at a seashore, a home to come to nestled in the trees, and butterfiles dancing in the air surrounded by the warm rays of the sun… all of this as seen through the eyes of an innocent child. If only we didn't have to grow up and face the reality of the world we really live in. Peace is a dream and I'm still dreaming it. Thank you to everyone who voted and gave me 2nd place for this. · see the award

≈ costner

Costner He was a baseball pitcher in For Love of the Game, a legendary hero in Robin Hood, and an Army lieutenant in Dances With Wolves. He is Kevin Costner and he is my favorite actor. So who better to try and collage for a contest with that theme at Touchstone's Art [touchstonesart.com] in November 2001? I was very lucky to have won 2nd place for this collage because as much as I love the man, I have always had the hardest time collaging him. I have no idea why … maybe it's his incredible eyes looking at me while I'm working, who knows? *g* Thank you very much to the voters who must have been fans of him too! · see the award

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