≈ advent calendar

2003 Advent Calendar Collage Made for the 2003 Webphilia Advent Calendar held by Steph, this collage has one of my favorite female singers… Stevie Nicks. I used my capture of a house in the mountains from the movie For Love of the Game to get the feeling of looking out a window at Christmas time and imagining the home where you want to be but can only be there in your mind. I used a picture of my own Christmas tree and one of Thia's beautiful scratchy brushes. Of all the collages that I've made over the years for the calendars, this is my fav.

≈ dances with wolves

Dances With Wolves This collage was made for Jenn's The Spark in Me [ti-fi.com] Favorite Movie Challenge in November 2003. Dances With Wolves is my favorite movie of all time… it's why I made a fanlisting for it called Love Letter to the Past. This was the very first piece of art I ever made for the movie and I was thrilled to get 4th place in the contest… thank you all! Did you know it's really hard to work with yellow? · see the award

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