≈ remember

Remember I was browsing thru images on my hard drive when I came upon the one of Mulder and the little boy from Conduit. No one could resist a hurting Mulder, least of all me. I think he saw himself in that little boy, and didn't want him to be haunted by the memory of his sister the way Mulder was, the way Mulder always would be. I love the Mulder-centered episodes that let you see the man a layer at a time. [february 2004]

≈ memories of love

Memories of Love This collage was inspired by a song by John Denver. As you can see from the image of Mulder, he had just returned to his office after DeadAlive, and I just wanted to show that what kept him going, what brought him back, was his memories of Scully… the one he loved. Did I do it right? This has to be one of the few times, if not the only time, that I've used green in a collage. I don't do green, lol! [december 2003]

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