≈ frozen dreams

Frozen Dreams Back when X-Design was around, we used to have challenges. And images were always provided for us to use… how we used them was up to us. X-Design really promoted creativity, and I was so green back then, and had no idea what I was doing. I still don't! There's probably a right way to collage, and blend and so forth. But I didn't know them... and I really still don't. I just tried everything I could until I found a way that worked for me. This collage doesn't work lol! [january 2001]

≈ a dream so real

A Dream So Real Requiem was over, and Within/Without had just aired. Mulder was gone… abducted by the aliens. Scully went to Mulder's apartment to be close to him, and in my imagination, had a dream so real that she thought he was there. I've made a lot of collages since this one, but it's my favorite. It's not perfect by any means, and it's definitely not my best... I guess the only way to say it is that it's me. Somehow in this one little image, I found my way to collage, and then of course, I lost it for a long time. *g* But I do cherish it... [december 2000]

A friend, Mike G [M&S Café at pweb.netcom.com/~mgknight], used this in a gift for me for this site's 1st Anniversary in August 2001 and I remember crying when I first saw it. To see this collage so beautifully framed by him just melted my heart! How could he have possibly known it was my favorite when I hadn't told him?

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