≈ falling apart

Falling Apart If I had to recreate this collage from scratch, I'd never be able to do it. Other than actually leaving brushes in without blurring them, I don't remember how I did any of it. I know I was frustrated with it because I didn't know what I wanted. I'm sure everyone has had a few like that. And looking at it now, 12 years later, I really can't believe it's mine... it looks nothing like what I would create, lol. Pretty colors though… [january 2002]

≈ all my dreams

All My Dreams I used a gorgeous snow-covered background for this one and tried my hand at using gradients to come up with the color. I was really getting brave and trying filters and shapes and just plain experimenting. Yes, I should have changed the font. But it did turn out sort of pretty. It was such a beautiful and intimate image of them to work with. From here forward, I try everything and I stop using images for backgrounds. Uh-oh! *g* [december 2001]

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