≈ memories

Memories Oh my, did I really get 14 images in this collage? I wanted memories, but I think maybe I used too many. I did like the central image, though, and of course the one from Field Where I Died. Repeat after me:  text is just horrible. It was always my weak spot. But the colors are really pretty though. Working with gradients is my favorite part of collaging. Other than a few really lucky collages, we're now into my learning curve, so be warned. And yes, I am my own worst critic. *g* [january 2003]

≈ always

Always My interpretation of why Mulder left Scully in the beginning of Season 9… to protect her and William. Yes, I know that the show wanted us to believe that Mulder left for his own safety, but c'mon, Mulder never put himself before Scully. What was wrong with those writers? I know, David leaves and inspiration goes out the window? Anyway, since they didn't show us a goodbye scene, I thought I'd make one. [december 2002]

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