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For You All of those years that I watched The X-Files, I always wondered, if Mulder ever decided to do it, what picture of himself would he give to Scully and what would he say on it, if anything. Last year, I watched a concert and heard the most beautiful love song for the first time. I've wanted to collage with it ever since, and a few weeks ago, the idea finally clicked.

This would definitely be a private picture for Scully because it says everything that Mulder can't say out loud. Yes, I used images of David, not Mulder this time… something I don't usually do. But it works for me… I hope it does for you too. The song was written by John Denver. It's a special collage for me… I made it for "my" partner… Happy Anniversary hon! Many thanks to Mem [memento.im-pulse.org] for the beautiful brushes that I used. *hugs* [january 2008] (Music and lyrics © John Denver)

≈ ronin

Ronin In the episode Pusher, Mulder sees a one-word clue fingerpainted on a police car by Robert Modell. The word means a 'masterless samurai'. Modell is looking for a 'worthy adversary' to play in his arena of mind games and finds one in Mulder. While he sits helplessly locked in the battle, it's Scully who tries to get through to him to save him. The collage is very special to me because I made it to welcome back Karen [4d.murkybucket.com] who was away from us for 2 years. It's one of her favorite episodes and I used some of her gorgeous brushes to create it. [june 2006]

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