≈ silence

Silence The inspiration was a line from a song, and I was trying to show the pain Mulder and Scully felt after En Ami. The first one was actually red in color. I changed it to blue because I was just uncomfortable with red. There's way too many images in this one, but I do like Mulder in the upper right corner. He's the only image that does look right. See, should've been him alone with the text, and of course, the coloring. Oh well... [july 2001]

≈ epilogue

Epilogue A post-Existence collage. I tried to encapsulate 8 seasons into one little collage. I worked so hard on this one… achieving the colors, trying to blend, and writing the words I wanted to say. I think it was my first dreamy collage, and is still one of my favs. Would you believe I even printed it and slipped it into the clear plastic cover for my checkbook? Oh yeah, I used it for years, lol! No one else had one like me. *g* [june 2001]

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