≈ movin' on

Movin' On The words are from a song of the same name by Rascal Flatts, and don't you agree they really fit Mulder? He searched his entire life for the elusive Truth when it was right beside him in Scully. It just took him 9 years to figure it out. The line "for once I'm at peace with myself" seems to describe Mulder in the series finale, don't you think? Of course I would have done the collage differently now, like removing the one image that really doesn't belong. [july 202]

≈ hold a star

Hold A Star Oh, I was trying so hard to be daringly creative with this one, and I remember having such a hard time blending it. Then of course, I made it in two different colors, but finally settled on my favorite blue. The stars are pretty, but I'm still not the best at choosing the right fonts! The swirly brushes are okay, but that moon shape has really got to go! *g* I have no clue what possessed me to use that, lol. [june 2002]

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