≈ life

Life Epilogue to the Trilogy and dedicated to Touchstone [touchstonesart.com]. I needed a perfect ending for my Trilogy of collages, and the lyrics from a Kellie Coffey song fit so well with the beautiful ending in The Truth. A life spent together… delicate, yet strong. A love finally realized… no pain, no shadows to come between them anymore. Complete with each other. This collage was also used as a previous layout for this site (version 12). [july 2003]

≈ i believe

I Believe In the music video of I Believe, the song by Diamond Rio , a couple is in a car accident and the woman dies in the arms of the man she loves. Because the man believes, an angel comes, touches her forehead, and brings her back to life. Scully believed and Mulder came back. This is my final collage in the Trilogy. "Every now and then, soft as breath upon my skin, I feel you come back again... and I believe." [june 2003]

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