≈ losing you

Losing You I was still using background images here, but this one was the beginning of a blending style for me. It's overloaded still, and you can see how much trouble I was in with fonts. I still do have trouble with fonts, but oh, I would do this one so differently now. There was a lot of potential in this collage… I just didn't do it right because I really didn't know how. And of course, at the time, I thought you had to fill every inch of the collage. [march 2001]

≈ be my valentine

Be My Valentine Still playing in Corel, still learning. This time I tried my hand with film strips, but still went overboard, I think. It takes a while to find your own style, your own niche in collaging. I hadn't found it yet. The left side of my brain always interferes with the right side. So when I want romance, I get way too much logic interfering and that doesn't work. There can only be one muse... guess which one finally won out? *g* [february 2001]

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