≈ dare i dream

Dare I Dream On an X-file, Mulder and Scully would search for every clue, ask every question, and never be afraid to do so. Mulder would go to the ends of the earth to figure out a case, and Scully would follow. But when it came to each other, and their feelings for each other, they just wouldn't take that leap. So should they dare to find out in their dreams? "A dream is an answer to a question we have yet to ask." [march 2002]

≈ our truth

Our Truth My very first collage with a textured background. Why you ask? It's simple… I couldn't get the blending right, lol! And texture hides all your mistakes. *g* I do believe that what I wrote was true for Mulder & Scully though, but I'd probably lose the top picture and move the text if I was doing it again. I'll tell you a secret... if some of these earlier collages weren't Dreams, they'd be in my offline folder which is pretty full. *g* [february 2002]

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