≈ i'll be

I'll Be With lyrics from a song by Reba McIntyre, this collage is from Mulder's pov and about the movie, Fight the Future. Oh yeah, Mulder was there for Scully… he saved her, didn't he? Oh, but she saved him too… she kept him honest, made him a whole person. I dedicated this to Sappi [madpet.de/sappi/renu]. *hugs* Maybe it's the muse in me that always has to have a romantic theme in my collages, but you know, it makes them harder to create. [march 2003]

≈ a promise

A Promise Oh, Scully would never say the words, but you know she had to be thinking them and that she made this silent promise to Mulder. A little experiment with a shape but I wasn't too happy with the color. This collage was the basis for a previous design of this site with Fight the Future as the theme. To this day, I have no idea why I used that shape... I just wanted something different. I was so thrilled to receive the Collage of the Month award from Tippy [ti-fi.com/mrskrycek] ... it meant the world to me... still does. [february 2003]

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