≈ between the pages

Between the Pages Memories… pressed between the pages of my mind is such a beautiful line from the song written by Willie Nelson. The final separation for Mulder & Scully was a long one, and maybe they made it through by opening those pages in their minds over and over and over again. Thanks to everyone who voted for this for the Lyrical Challenge at Webphilia Forums [webphilia.com] and to Touchstone [touchstonesart.com] for creating the Honorable Mention award. [april 2004]

≈ turn to you

Turn to You This collage took me forever to create. I started with the idea of 'their only refuge was each other'. But, as most collages do, it had a mind of it's own and led me to the text that showed the feelings that I really wanted to portray. The collage is dedicated to Ami. Portions of this collage were used to create the layout for the previous design of this site (version 13). [march 2004]

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