≈ requiem

Requiem I always thought that the image of Mulder looking at the X in the road was a very powerful one, and I wondered what he was thinking as he looked at it. What was he thinking as he looked into Krycek's face? The collage is simple and left up to your own interpretations. But if you'd like mine, I wrote a poem to go with it. I loved this ep, and if you did too, I hope you enjoy my creations. Too bad the series didn't end here, and pick up with Mulder's return in the movie. Oh, well... [march 2005]

He stares down at the road at a mark he painted so long ago
Oh, if he had only known then what he knows now... but no
The existence of extra-terrestrials was what he set out to prove
And though his enemies feared him, they followed his every move

They tried everything to stop him, to keep the truth from his door
But when they took his partner, he sought it all the more
They couldn't take his life, for fear that others would surely follow
So they ruined his reputation hoping in self-pity he would wallow

But a man who believes so strongly and knows in his heart that he is right
Doesn't care what happens to him and won't give up without a fight
A phone call from the past has brought him to where it all began
Seven years ago he stood here, but today he's a different man

The pain of losing her still haunts him, he won't let it happen again
He knows it… they know it; they counted on it, these betrayers of men
No one else must pay the price, the cost has already been too high
He knows this is the end for him, and love is his reason why

March 2005

≈ the rose

The Rose I have always loved the song The Rose by Bette Midler, and one night while I was creating the graphic for the v.10 redesign of this site, the song came up on iTunes and this collage was born. The words were perfect for Memento Mori and for a very dear friend. No matter how hard life is, there is always hope for tomorrow. The collage was dedicated to my friend Debbie [devraleecampbell.com]. Brushes are from VBrush and my special roses from Tere [classic.tere-art.com]. [september 2004]

In 2016, I used this collage for the new layout of the Memento Mori Fanlisting.

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