≈ wicked game

Wicked Game The song by Chris Isaak had been stuck in my head for a while and I finally thought of a way to use it in a collage. You need to start with The Pilot and go thru Scully's abduction from Mulder's pov. I imagine he was feeling many things after Scully was taken… guilt, grief, anger and maybe a little self-pity. After all, this woman came into his life unbidden and wormed her way right into his heart. And then she had the nerve to leave him. Only this time, and only to himself, he admits that he needs her… but it's too late for both of them. I changed one line of lyrics to present tense to match the collage. The brushes are from Karen [4d.murkybucket.com]. [march 2006]

≈ closure

Closure A brother and sister finally find each other… who's to say that Samantha wasn't waiting all those years that Mulder was searching for her… waiting for him to accept with his heart what his mind already knew. I think it was a beautiful ending, and Closure was the only possible title for this collage. Would this story have worked for anyone else on the show? No, but for Mulder, it was perfect! [july 2005]

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