≈ yearning

Yearning Mulder has returned, and I tried to collage the feelings he must have had on picking up his life again. I really think I tried too hard with this one… it didn't turn out very well. But my story idea for collages was beginning to take shape. Horrible font again, lol! It's amazing how one month you can create something pretty, and the next month, it's a disaster, lol. The whims of a muse, I guess. But she does come through sometimes. [may 2001]

≈ the vigil

The Vigil I've lost the fanfic writer's name and link, but this collage was inspired by one line that she wrote in a story. I wrote her and asked to use it, and created the collage around it. It was also the first time I worked on black. I just wish I had made the text a little clearer. Other than that, I think I'd leave this collage the way I made it. It's not perfect, but I think its one of those lucky ones I spoke of. [april 2001]

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