≈ not a day goes by

Not A Day Goes By A late Saturday night collage from Mulder's pov. The words used are from the song of the same name by Lonestar. I remember the Photoshop feather brush that I used for the highlighting, but how I achieved the coloring I can't remember. It's just another experiment where I really got lucky… except for that one font. *g* And maybe one or two of the images... [may 2002]

≈ why

Why Oh, another collage that I'll never forget. It's my feelings on why David Duchovny came back as Mulder. It even has a quote from David at the bottom, which is where this romantic fool came up with the idea. Of course, it isn't the real reason he came back, but one can dream… maybe someday I'll redo this one. Many thanks to the voters at the Philedom2k Forums [philedom2k.com] for the lovely award! [april 2002]

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