≈ you're still here

You're Still Here The sequel to Loving Him from September 2001 and one of the softest collages I've ever made. The lyrics are from the song of the same name by Faith Hill. I wanted to show that no matter what happened, or how much time had passed, in dreams or not… Mulder was, and always would be, with Scully. I look at these two collages now and tell myself I'd throw this image out, move that image there, lol... but they're still pretty and the best I could do at the time I made them. [may 2003]

≈ tonight

Tonight Inspired by a fanfic written by Emily (I've lost the link!), this collage is about Scully being strong and never letting Mulder in, never letting Mulder help her. And Mulder saying… let me hold you, Scully… just for tonight. Just one time… let me help you… lean on me. You can't always do it alone. Looking at this collage 11 years later, it's too confusing. *g* Too many images in the wrong places, but I sure loved it when I made it. [april 2003]

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