≈ enlightenment

Enlightenment To Scully, Mulder was her partner and best friend… but that was all. In the episode The End, another woman reappears in his life, and Scully is shaken. I think she sees Mulder in a different light and realizes for the first time what she could lose and that she might actually love this man. Now, we all know that Scully is a fighter; but how do you fight for something you never had? Did I really put Diana in a collage? *slaps self* [july 2004]

≈ in his dream

In His Dream At the end of the episode Kitsunegari, AD Skinner congratulated Mulder for seeing what no one else would and for a job well done; that he had prevailed and won Linda Bowman's game. Mulder responded that he had almost killed his partner and felt that he had lost. This collage is my interpretation of what the events in that episode did to Mulder. The poem was written by me. The collage is one of my favs. [may 2004]

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