≈ will she know

Will She Know Memento Mori, the episode where Scully realized she was mortal and Redux II, the episode where Mulder thought he would lose her. Two people who shared everything with each other but their feelings for each other. Even though Mulder never said the words, would Scully know? If there was no tomorrow for them, would Scully know? There's so much emotion in these two eps… so much angst. It's no wonder they're two of my favs. The images are my own; the text is part me and part lyrics from If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks. [may 2005]

A little note for those of you matching dates... sometimes I fell behind making my dreams on time, thus even though this collage wasn't created until June, it was still my May Dream. *g*

Thanks so much to Claudia and the voters at Extremis Blends [xtremisblends.anderson-avenue.com] for the 1st place award for this collage! On July 24th, 2005 I opened the Memento Mori Fanlisting using portions of this collage for the layout. The design was changed in 2016.

≈ as were you

As Were You The episode Field Where I Died is very special to me… it was one of the first regular episodes I watched and the opening lines spoken by Mulder gave me the name for this site. The idea of reincarnation is so beautifully portrayed in this ep that it breaks your heart. The words that Melissa spoke to Mulder while standing in that field have stuck with me since the first moment I heard them… I can still remember how they knocked the breath right out of me. FTF introduced me to Mulder, but Field Where I Died made me love him. The beautiful brushes are from Thia. [april 2005]

In May 2016, I adopted the fanlisting for this episode and used this collage for the layout. It's called I Was Here, As Were You.

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