≈ terma

Terma I had this urge to watch an old XF ep and while browsing thru the Season 4 DVD, decided to watch Terma. It had been years since I had seen it and I ended up trying to create a collage. Of course it would be a romantic one about Mulder's return. But after placing the first image of Mulder in the collage, everything changed. This is my first actual episode collage in years… and very different from what I usually create. I hope you enjoy it. [may 2006]

≈ alone

Alone So much happened in The End that I decided to explore one little part of it. This collage is about Scully's first reaction to a different Mulder, a man that she thought she knew. His old flame comes back and suddenly it's like she doesn't matter anymore. He tells Diana that she knows what to do in regards to testing Gibson. He's impervious to what he's done to Scully… leaving her standing there in that hallway feeling ignored and pushed aside. The gorgeous brushes I used were from Honeypot [ancient-secret.de]. [april 2006]

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