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image For those of you who were around in 2001, you'll remember this little pic. It's my favorite image of Mulder and Scully and was used often on this site. It brings back many years of beautiful memories for me. Whether you're a veteran phile or a brand new one who just happened to find yourself here, take a leisurely stroll down memory lane with me. Maybe some of the images you'll find on the pages listed below will bring back beautiful memories for you as well. Then you too can pause and remember the incredible journey that so many of us philes took together.

The X-Files has been over for a long time, but this site is about Dreams, isn't it? And I choose to keep the Dream alive...

In August of 2016, all of the art created by other philes that was archived on this site was moved to a new home called Yesteryear, An X-Philes Archive. If you're looking for the Advent Calendars, the Collage contests, the Dream Awards, Featured Artists, Remember when, or the most recent addition, The Semper Fi Collection, that's where you'll now find them. Hope you come by and visit!

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