≈ david

David What can I say? Everyone was in love with David (including me!) and I just had to try to collage him too. I was using Corel back then and merging images into patterned backgrounds. It's one of my earliest collages and I'd probably do it a lot differently now. What a huge signature! ahhhh! I did choose some great images though, and thank goodness I didn't put any text on it, lol. No clue at this time how to blend of course. *g* [november 2000]

≈ mulder's dream

Mulder's Dream Since I had just done an interpretation of Scully's dream *ahem*, I needed to do one for Mulder too, right? He was, after all, being tortured by the aliens at the time. So the dream had to be about who he was missing. And of course, that was Scully. I guess if he was being tortured, he really wouldn't have his head on a pillow, would he? Well, it's the thought that counts. [october 2000]

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