≈ the awakening

The Awakening So much was said in the episode DeadAlive without even a word being spoken between Mulder and Scully. The love between the two of them was so plain to see. I think this scene was one of the most beautiful in The X-Files. This was such a pretty collage and I think I ruined it with the text... the placement of it and the font. Big is not always better. And what's with my signature being so high? *g* [november 2001]

≈ expression

Expression I wasn't very happy with this collage when I made it, and I'm still not today. I had no idea, no theme, no anything in mind when I sat down to create it. Maybe that's why it didn't work out very well. I probably should have made the images and text smaller… or thrown it out the window and started all over. When the muse isn't inspired, this is what happens. [october 2001]

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