≈ nirvana

Nirvana All the times where Mulder almost lost Scully for good. This collage was inspired by a beautiful poem written by Cate [xfilestouchstone.co.uk]. I honestly don't remember how I achieved the colors or highlights, but I can see some glimpse of brushes. They're blurred of course, but they are there. To this day, I so wish I had used a different color... yellow is definitely not mine. But remember, I'm still experimenting. [november 2002]

≈ my friend

My Friend I changed a few words here and there, but the inspiration for this one came from the song I Missed My Friend by Darryl Worley. Mulder and Scully's friendship was so strong… they really had to miss that when they were apart for so long, don't you think? Unfortunately, I used that darn yellow again and, imo, the best part of the collage is the flower that I put in. Aren't I bad? *g* [october 2002]

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