≈ enchanted moment

Enchanted Moment My inspiration for collages sometimes comes from the strangest things. I remember that sweet Ami was so stunned that I could make a romantic collage for Mulder & Scully from a song written for the cartoon movie The Lion King. Romance is everywhere… you just have to know where to look. You also need a really weird imagination, like mine. And besides, the song was perfect! Isn't Mulder a reckless warrior and a wide-eyed wanderer? Of course he is! [november 2003]

≈ turning point

Turning Point I've always loved the image of Mulder in the upper left corner of this collage, and I used it to guide me in creating this collage. The roles are reversed… Scully still doesn't believe, but thru hypnosis she's shown Mulder the way back. She's restored the faith that he was trying to deny because he didn't trust his memories anymore. It's too bad that she didn't trust in herself the way she trusted in Mulder. [october 2003]

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