≈ scully's nightmare

Scully's Nightmare Through all the years, Mulder and Scully always had their very own special connection. They knew each other's thoughts, even when they were apart. So Scully knew what Mulder was going through… if only in her dreams. I still remember the Sunday afternoon I made this collage and how hard it was to use the images of Mulder. Seriously, I really made this?!? I must have been having the nightmare, not Scully, lol! [september 2000]

≈ the first dream

First Dream Ah, the very first one. No story here, just a favorite image of Mulder from Paper Hearts, and one of the images from All Things that would become a signature image for this site for years. Kaleidoscope effect courtesy of Corel. It's really not very good, but the first is always special, and always remembered. Funny thing though, that center image is on the site today... I started with it, I ended with it. And until today, recoding the pages 14 years later, I hadn't even realized it. I mean, I remembered that the center image was from the couch scenes in All Things; I just didn't remember it was "that" image. Spooky, now I feel like Mulder and his X in Requiem. [august 2000]

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