≈ loving him

Loving Him My first story collage complete with the entire lyrics from the song She Never Stopped Loving Him by Patty Loveless. I remember having a lot of trouble blending Scully, but the rest of the collage I just plain got lucky with. I was so wrapped up in trying to portray the feelings of the song because I thought it fit them so perfectly. It's the first collage in the Trilogy. And one image really shouldn't be there. *g* [september 2001]

≈ dreams do come true

Dreams Do Come True My smallest Dream and the first one in almost a year of collaging that I really liked. I was finding out how I wanted to collage. I wanted my feelings and thoughts to be so evident in the image I was creating that when people saw it, they would be able to feel them too. I used 3 of my favorite images to show that the journey had been a long one, but if you believe, dreams can, and do, come true. I still love this one. [august 2001]

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