≈ scully

Scully Whether you liked Scully or not, you have to admit that she was a beautiful, incredible woman with an amazing well of strength. Where Mulder never gave up, she never gave in. I made up the words, but I think they're too scattered on the collage. I like the bottom and the right side, but the middle? I should have done that differently. Such a cruel person to pick at my art years and years after I created it... just being honest. *g* [september 2002]

≈ the one

The One My feelings on what Mulder was thinking during the final scenes of All Things. The song is by Gary Allan… little did he know that he was describing our dynamic duo. It's one of my favorite collages, and I can still hear the song every time I look at it. This one came from my heart. Remember when I talked about the few lucky collages? This is one of them. Hey, that image looks familiar. *g* [august 2002]

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