≈ deepest wound

Deepest Wound Real life inspired the text that's on this collage. I wanted to show that the pain from Emily's death wasn't only felt by Scully; it was deeply felt by Mulder too. Scully was hurting and he didn't know how to help her. In truth, I felt his pain was deeper. The inside frame isn't centered on purpose; is there such a thing as a perfectly placed wound? It took me forever to create this collage, and yeah, it's one of my favs. I was so touched to receive the Picture of the Week award from Karen [4d.murkybucket.com] ... thank you! [september 2003]

≈ memory

Memory I had always loved the melody and heard the lyrics for the very first time while listening to a cd box set of Barry Manilow. I must have played the song 500 times while making this Dream… no, I'm not kidding. If ever there was a collage that I was totally immersed in, this was it. I tried so hard to evoke the feelings of the song with the images that I used. And still, I couldn't say it all. So I wrote the prologue … it truly came from my heart. This is one collage I'll never forget… it is my second favorite. [august 2003]

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