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image On August 12th, 2000 I uploaded At Times... I Almost Dream to [geocities.com] and my life in this online world began. This is where I posted my first collage, horrible as it was, lol. But over the years, this site has become my home on the web and will always hold a special place in my heart. After all, Decemberlady, aka DL, was born here. *g*

For almost 3 years, I was graciously and very generously hosted by two wonderful ladies... GertieBeth from [fredfarm.com] and Steph from [webphilia.com]. In November 2003, I purchased my own domain name and moved to my own shared server space. But I'll never forget that those two sweet ladies made a home for me when I needed one.

All original graphics and/or collages shown on this site that have been created by me are not to be used or manipulated in any way without my permission and creating a link back to this site. If you'd like to use any of my work for non-commercial purposes, please ask... I don't bite.

All images, quotes, and/or lyrics used in my artwork are the property of the respective owners. NO copyright infringement is intended. Some text and poems used in my artwork were written by me and are not to be used elsewhere without my permission. The thoughts expressed in my stories and poems are mine alone... I'm an angsty romantic soul if you didn't already know. ;)

v.15 of this site's design was based on one image of Mulder and Scully and a song from Barry Manilow called Could It Be Magic? It started out as a 3 column layout, was then switched to a 2 column, and recently switched back to 3 with a few little tweaks here and there... mainly a larger font size. But since it's based on that same design, v.15 it'll stay. While I had the site in black for many versions, I kind of grew fond of this one in white.

Every page on this site was hand-coded by me... multiple times! I think I could almost do it in my sleep, except that I do need a list of all of the pages so that I don't forget any. The html and css is there to look at... just don't copy and paste it to use for your own. I use a lot of open space in my designs... personal preference. :)

The site has been tested in multiple browsers, including my little ipad. The only one I don't test in is Internet Explorer... I own an iMac and I refuse to have that browser on my computer. But if it looks ok in Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari... then I guess I'm good, lol.

One thing though... it may look a bit weird on those little hand-held phone screens. But I figure it this way... why would anyone want to come to a site to open collages that will be so much larger than the screen they're using? They'll look horrible and scroll much? I use my iPhone for some things online... checking the weather, booking a hotel while on vacation etc. But when I want to browse the web? I use my desktop. So my apologies to the little phone users. ;)

The little pixel characters of Mulder, Scully, and the CSM were not created by me. They have lovingly resided on my hard drive for many years and I honestly don't remember the site I "adopted" them from. They are cute though, aren't they?