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This is not an episode guide... it's just a little bit of episode trivia. All of the information was taken from The Official Guide to The X-Files™ Volume 1 by Brian Lowry. No copyright infringement is intended... I'm only trying to share a little trivia with other philes who might enjoy it as much as I do. All images have lovingly resided on my hard drive for years and were originally taken from Quotes, when I couldn't remember them, were taken from Inside the X. Brushes used in the graphics are from Hybrid Genesis. Please navigate the seasons with the little squares above.

scene from The Pilot
September 10, 1993

Agent Mulder believes we are not alone. - Scully

Location:  Bellefleur, Oregon

Trivia:  Executive producer Chris Carter considers the scene where Scully takes refuge in Mulder's room wearing a robe a key moment to "really establish what I was trying to establish" in terms of the platonic nature of their relationship. "I love that scene," he says.

In the original script, at one point Mulder and Scully literally howl at the moon.

scene from Deep Throat
September 17, 1993

Mr. Mulder, they have been here for a very, very long time. - Deep Throat

Location:  Ellens AFB, Idaho

Trivia:  This episode marked the first appearance of "Deep Throat." It is also the first one on which assistant art director Clyde Klotz worked. Mr. Klotz went on to marry Gillian Anderson on New Year's Day, 1994.

Chris Carter added voice-over narration by Scully after the fact as a compromise to Fox Broadcasting, which wanted more closure out of the episode.

scene from Squeeze
September 24, 1993

If we don't get him now, we won't have another chance til 2023. - Mulder

Location:  Baltimore, Maryland

Trivia:  Writers Glen Morgan and James Wong drew their inspiration from Jack the Ripper and a large ventilator shaft outside their office. As Morgan recalls, the episode started with a simple premise when he asked Wong, "What if we were working here late at night and some guy came through that thing?"

CC wondered what it would be like if someone developed a taste for human liver.

scene from Conduit
October 1, 1993

I want to believe. - Mulder

Location:  Sioux City, Iowa

Trivia:  Scully is officially told by Mulder of his sister's abduction 21 years earlier.

Assistant art director Greg Loewen designed the huge mural of Ruby, but colleague Vivien Nishi had to go over the printout and painstakingly write in all those 1's and 0's to make it look as if it were drawn by an eight-year-old hand. The project took several days for a shot that lasted only a few seconds.

scene from The Jersey Devil
October 8, 1993

Unlike you, Mulder, I would like to have a life. - Scully

Location:  Atlantic City, New Jersey

Trivia:  Claire Stansfield, who stands about 6'1", played the beast woman and had to spend most of the episode running around naked.

Scully passes on a second date in order to work the case with Mulder, and when he asks "Don't you have a life?", Scully replies with "Keep it up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you like that Beast Woman did." But she'd made her choice.

scene from Shadows
October 22, 1993

They're he-ere. - Scully

Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Trivia:  According to Glen Morgan, Fox had been pushing for the producers to do more episodes where "Mulder and Scully investigate the paranormal and help people." The producers hoped Shadows would "get them off our back."

In the original script, Mulder tells Scully what he would like on his tombstone:  "No regrets."

scene from Ghost in the Machine
October 29, 1993

I'm a pain in the ass to work with. - Mulder   (but it's such a nice one. *g*)

Location:  Crystal City, Virginia

Trivia:  "Fox felt it was a bit too pedestrian to be an X-File" says Producer Howard Gordon who wrote the episode with partner Alex Gansa. "And it was one of those instances where I'd have to agree with them." He felt that the computer intelligence wasn't as well-defined as it needed to be.

Scully's phone number is given as (202) 555-6431.

scene from Ice
November 5, 1993

Mulder, you may not be who you are. - Scully

Location:  Icy Cap, Alaska

Trivia:  Writer Glen Morgan admits the plan was to let one scene with the space worm run a little long - about 4 seconds - "thinking that Fox's standards and practices department would cut it down, and they didn't touch it."

David Duchovny's own border collie, Blue, is the daughter of the dog featured in this episode.

scene from Space
November 12, 1993

You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, Scully? - Mulder

Location:  Houston, Texas

Trivia:  Carter admits he was a bit overwhelmed when the episode was being filmed, shooting in September as the show premiered, with reviews and other input pouring in. "At the time we were just trying to put this balloon aloft."

Constructing the large control room set ended up making this the most expensive episode of the first season.

scene from Fallen Angel
November 19, 1993

No one, no government agency has jursdiction over the truth. - Mulder

Location:  Townsend, Wisconsin

Trivia:  Deep Throat's warning to Mulder is a quote from Don Corleone in The Godfather. "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."

Thin piano wires were used to suspend Bellis (Max Fenig) in the air during the abduction sequence, without using any postproduction effects. The episode also foreshadows the eventual shutdown of the X-Files at the end of the season.

scene from Eve
December 10, 1993

Wondered if I ever told you about the Lichfield Experiments. - Deep Throat

Location:  Greenwich, Connecticut; San Francisco, California

Trivia:  Teena and Cindy are named after the wives of producers Glen Morgan and Jim Wong, writers and producers for the show.

The episode also features another memorable throwaway exchange between Mulder and Scully when he says one of the girls was "abducted" and Scully corrects him by saying "kidnapped." "Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe," he quips.

scene from Fire
December 17, 1993

I hate fire. Hate it. Scared to death of it. - Mulder

Location:  Boston, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Trivia:  During the filming of one of the scenes, David Duchovny in fact suffered a burn severe enough to leave a scar on his hand.

The original script included a closing exchange where Scully says, "Well, never let it be said that you wouldn't walk through fire for a woman, Mulder," to which he replies, "And never let it be said that I wouldn't do it for you again, Scully."

scene from Beyond the Sea
January 7, 1994

I'm afraid. I'm afraid to believe. - Scully

Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina

Trivia:  In the scene where Captain Scully appears in Dana Scully's apartment, silently mouthing words, actor Don Davis was actually reciting the Lord's Prayer.

Beyond the Sea remains a personal favorite of both executive producer Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson, in the latter case due to the depth of emotion the script afforded her character.

scene from Genderbender
January 21, 1994

And I saw you about to do the wild thing with some stranger. - Mulder

Location:  Germantown, Maryland; Steveston, Massachusetts

Trivia:  During the filming of the crime scene at the beginning of Act One, Mitch Kosterman (Det. Horton) said "chum chippy" instead of "some chippy." For the rest of the shoot, David Duchovny joshed him about that line.

Asked if there was any concern about parallels between the Kindred and the Amish, Carter adds wryly, "They don't watch TV, so I wasn't worried about it."

scene from Lazarus
February 4, 1994

You listen to me, you lay one hand on Scully, and so help me, God. - Mulder

Location:  Maryland; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  Scully gets abducted in this episode for the first of what turned out to be several times as the series progressed.

As originally written, Lazarus called for Dupre to jump into Mulder's body instead of Scully's old boyfriends's body, but Fox and the studio argued against that idea. "We'd wanted Mulder to experience the soul switch," said writer Howard Gordon.

scene from Young at Heart
February 11, 1994

"Funeral first for Fox's friends - then for Fox."

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  John Barnett was Mulder's very first case with the Violent Crimes Unit before he found the X-Files.

This is the first episode where Mulder kills anyone.

scene from E.B.E.
February 18, 1994

Mulder, you're the only one I trust. - Scully

Location:  Reagan, Tennessee; Washington State

Trivia:  The Lone Gunmen were initially thrown in just for a laugh in this episode, and Morgan wasn't happy with the result, feeling he and his partner had botched things a bit in terms of execution. "We had kind of written them off," he notes, until the producers started to hear about the response to the Gunmen along the Internet. That prompted a return appearance during the second season and eventually a recurring role on the series.

scene from Miracle Man
March 18, 1994

God never lets the Devil steal the show. - Scully

Location:  Kenwood, Tennessee

Trivia:  In an interview David Duchovny once said that he would consider Mulder Jewish until told otherwise.

While television is sometimes criticized for the manner in which it treats religion, the episode is extremely respectful toward religious faith, underscored by Scully's comments regarding her Catholic upbringing.

scene from Shapes
April 1, 1994

FBI! See you in about ... eight years. - Ish

Location:  Browning, Montana

Trivia:  Michael Horse (Charlie Tskany) played Deputy Hawk in Twin Peaks when David Duchovny played transvestite Dennis/Denise Bryson. His opinion of Davd in a dress:  "It's a good color on him."

Fox had suggested doing a more conventional monster show. Glen Morgan and James Wong proposed the Manitou, a slightly different approach to werewolves.

scene from Darkness Falls
April 15, 1994

Come on, Scully, it'll be a nice trip to the forest. - Mulder

Location:  Olympia National Forest, Washington State

Trivia:  Carter based the episode on his interest in dendrochronology - the reading of rings on trees - dating back to a course he'd taken in college. The green mite effects were computer-generated and added in postproduction, synchronized to the movements of the actors.

The episode was honored at the Environmental Media Awards.

scene from Tooms
April 22, 1994

Mulder, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you. - Scully

Location:  Baltimore, Maryland

Trivia:  Tooms remains the only encore appearance thus far by a villain, but the episode is equally noteworthy in that it features the first appearance by Mitch Pileggi as Assistant Director Skinner (who isn't seen again until the second season).

In this episode, the Cigarette-Smoking Man speaks for the first time.

scene from Born Again
April 29, 1994

Do me a favor, Mulder. Let me say it. Reincarnation. - Scully

Location:  Buffalo, New York

Trivia:  This is the first time Mulder tells the story. Instead of Scully typing computer reports, we see him writing longhand in a field journal; instead of Scully's voice-over wrap-up we hear Mulder's summation.

"The impetus was desperation, I believe," producer Howard Gordon quips, adding that in the final analysis the hour proved "a little too copy show-y" for his taste.

scene from Roland
May 6, 1994

I believe in psychic connections. - Mulder

Location:  Colson, Washington

Trivia:  Mulder tells Roland about a dream he (Mulder) had, wherein he dove down into a pool searching for his father. In the script, Mulder was searching for his sister.

Actor Zeljko Ivanek was the first actor to read for the producers as Roland and "just blew us away," says Carter, so that they knew he had landed the part.

scene from The Erlenmeyer Flask
May 13, 1994

Mulder, I'm warning you. If this is monkey pee, you're on your own. - Scully

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  Disbanding the X-Files unit separated Mulder from Scully, providing the means to work around Anderson's pregnancy through the start of the 2nd season.

The closing sequence of this episode exactly tracks the closing few minutes of the series pilot, right down to the time:  11:21. The episode received a nomination for an Edgar Award, an honor presented by the Mystery Writers of America.

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