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This is not an episode guide... it's just a little bit of episode trivia. All of the information was taken from The Official Guide to The X-Files™ Volume 1 by Brian Lowry. No copyright infringement is intended... I'm only trying to share a little trivia with other philes who might enjoy it as much as I do. All images have lovingly resided on my hard drive for years and were originally taken from Quotes, when I couldn't remember them, were taken from Inside the X. Brushes used in the graphics are from Hybrid Genesis. Please navigate the seasons with the little squares above.

scene from Little Green Men
September 16, 1994

Now, I can only trust you... and they've taken you away from me. - Mulder

Location:  Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Trivia:  The passenger manifest that Scully scrutinizes while trying to trace Mulder's movements contains the names of many on-line X-Philes, as well as X-Files novel author Charles Grant.

Senator "Richard Matheson" is named for science fiction and horror writer Richard Matheson Somewhere in Time. Originally, the Senator was supposed to recite the opening monologue.

scene from The Host
September 23, 1994

So, what, the murder weapon was a top sirloin? - Mulder

Location:  Newark, New Jersey

Trivia:  "You have a friend in the FBI." This episode marked the first appearance of the mysterious "X", although we only see the back of his head as he speaks on the phone.

Darin Morgan, who played the Flukeman, is the brother of co-executive producer Glen Morgan and later became a writer for the show - Humbug and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose. The Flukeman suit at first took 6 hours to put on and, at one point, Darin wore the suit for 20 hours consecutively. Yuuuuck!

scene from Blood
September 30, 1994

Scully, are you familiar with subliminal messages? - Mulder

Location:  Franklin, Pennsylvania

Trivia:  "We had always tried to have regular things be scary," Morgan says. He also admits that he doesn't have the slightest clue who or what might have been transmitting the subliminal messages and doesn't really care, leaving such things for viewers to consider.

The final transmission - ALL DONE, BYE BYE - has taken on a dual purpose, serving as the final shot in The X-Files blooper reel.

scene from Sleepless
October 7, 1994

The truth is still out there, but it's more dangerous - X

Location:  New York, New York

Trivia:  Nicholas Lea, who first appeared as a Romeo in Genderbender, returns as Agent Alex Krycek. Internet fans dubbed him Ratboy. The show's initial inspiration has been attributed to a two-week bout with insomnia suffered by writer Howard Gordon. He made his solo writing debut on this episode.

The CSM's final line of the episode is a precursor to what happens next: "Every problem has a solution."

scene from Duane Barry
October 14, 1994

Duane Barry is not what Mulder thinks he is. - Scully

Location:  Marion, Virginia

Trivia:  Shot during Anderson's pregnancy, the episode includes an inside joke in the supermarket scene with Scully buying pickles and ice cream. The episode earned 3 Primetime Emmy Award nominations: CCH Pounder for her guest actress role of Agent Kasdin (Mulder's fellow hostage negotiator), John S. Bartley for cinematography, and Chris Carter for writer.

This is the first X-Files episode directed by Chris Carter.

scene from Ascension
October 21, 1994

Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man's religion into a crusade. - CSM

Location:  Skyland Mountain, Virginia

Trivia:  In the scene where Mulder is imagining what is happening to Scully, that is actually Gillian Anderson's pregnant torso that the tests are being performed on. She was only a few weeks away from the birth of her daughter, Piper, who was born on Sept. 25, 1994.

David Duchovny also performed his own stunts in the aerial tram sequence, hoping to provide a greater sense of authenticity in the scene.

scene from 3
November 4, 1994

I didn't check into a hotel room. I don't sleep anymore. - Mulder

Location:  Los Angeles, California

Trivia:  This is the only X-Files episode ever to be made without Gillian Anderson. It's also the only episode where Mulder has a sexual close encounter. Carter says: "This guys's a monk. Let's let him be a human. Especially in Scully's absence, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to do it."

Duchovny says the hour has style, but suffers from lapses in logic. "Why do I let her shave me, for God's sake?"

scene from One Breath
November 11, 1994

I had the strengths of your beliefs. - Scully

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  Gillian Anderson, still a bit wobbly and exhausted just days after giving birth by cesarean section, spent most of the episode in a hospital gown with tubes sticking out of her for hours at a time, occasionally falling asleep while filming some of her scenes.

The producers had considered making Scully's sister, Melissa, a romantic interest for Mulder but later nixed the idea. (good thing! *g*) Nurse Owens was named after Glen Morgan's grandmother.

scene from Firewalker
November 18, 1994

I'm counting on you to keep us all from ending up on that slab. - Mulder

Location:  Mt. Avalon, Washington

Trivia:  The flashlights Mulder and Scully use in this episode and throughout the first two seasons are xenon flashlights made by Maxabeam. They cost about $4,000 apiece and can project a beam of between 3 and 6 million candlepower.

"The natural endpoint of Mulder's quest for the truth is madness, " says producer Howard Gordon, suggesting that Mulder's decision to let Trepkos go at the end represents the bond in that respect between Mulder and Trepkos.

scene from Red Museum
December 9, 1994

You know, Mulder... ribs like these... - Scully

Location:  Delta Glen, Wisconsin

Trivia:  "An aborted attempt was made to do an unprecedented inter-network crossover on this particular episode between The X-Files, which airs on Fox, and CBS's Picket Fences, which is set in the fictitious town of Rome, Wisconsin. Both shows are produced through Twentieth Century Fox Television, and the CBS drama aired in the hour after The X-Files. CBS was instrumental in nixing the idea - a decision that took on a bit of irony given that the two shows became direct competitors in September 1995."

scene from Excelsius Dei
December 16, 1994

Whatever tape you found in that VCR, it isn't mine. - Mulder

Location:  Worcester, Massachusetts

Trivia:  To shoot the climactic sequence where the bathroom door bursts open, special effects supervisor Dave Gauthier built a tank and flooded the hallway with more than 3,300 gallons of water.

Tasha Simms, who played the mother of Cindy Reardon in Eve, returns here as the daughter of Stan Phillips. Shelia Moore, who appeared in Deep Throat, returns here as the director of the home.

scene from Aubrey
January 6, 1995

... dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask. - Mulder

Location:  Aubrey, Missouri

Trivia:  The bones and skulls used here and in Our Town are not real bones. They are plastic bones that are "aged" with paint and chemicals and have the seams filed off.

If you listen closely, you hear Mulder's theory on why he eats the sunflower seeds: to Scully "When I was a kid, I would have nightmares. I would wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I was the only person left in the world. Then I would hear this. (Crunches loudly on a sunflower seed) My dad would be in the study eating these."

scene from Irresistible
January 13, 1995

The conquest of fear lies in the moment of its acceptance. - Mulder

Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trivia:  "One of the few episodes with no paranormal angle to it, Irresistible still proved chilling enough in its Jeffrey Dahmer-esque overtones that Fox's program standards department rejected the initial script as 'unacceptable for broadcast standards.' Carter was forced to change the character from a necrophiliac to a 'death fetishist,' diminishing any overt sexuality in Pfaster's obsession."

The show remains one of Gillian Anderson's favorite episodes.

scene from Die Hand Die Verletzt
January 27, 1995

Mulder, toads just fell from the sky! - Scully

Location:  Milford Haven, New Hampshire

Trivia:  This creepy episode was the last one written by Glen Morgan and James Wong who left the X-Files to develop and produce a new show, Fox's Space: Above and Beyond. The pair used the cryptic line on the chalkboard, "It's been nice working with you," for another purpose... they were saying goodbye to the cast and crew.

The characters "Paul Vitaris" and "Deborah Brown" are named after prominent online X-Philes.    (really? who are these guys? anyone know?)

scene from Fresh Bones
February 3, 1995

They will only warn you once. After that, no magic can save you. - Bauvais

Location:  Folkstone, North Carolina

Trivia:  Tetrodotoxin is a powerful paralytic found in puffer fish. As Scully points out, it is considered a delicacy in Japan. Such meticulous care is required in its preparation that, to prevent poisoning, only specially trained and licensed chefs are permitted to prepare it. News clippings about three suicides involving U.S. servicemen in Haiti and the internment of Haitian refugees provided the idea for this episode.

Fresh Bones was the highest-rated episode of the first two seasons.

scene from Colony
February 10, 1995

I changed it to 'Trust Everyone.' Didn't I tell you? - Mulder

Location:  Northeastern U.S.

Trivia:  This is the first episode to be told in flashback - simply another device, in Carter's eyes, to maintain a degree of freshness in the different storytelling devices.

After a technician devoted hours to creating a sound effect for the alien stiletto, coproducer Paul Rabwin settled the matter by vocally making a Phffft sound into the microphone. Despite all the high-tech efforts, that wound up being the sound effect they used.

scene from End Game
February 17, 1995

If I ever needed your help, your trust, I need it now. - Mulder (to Skinner)

Location:  Maryland, the Arctic Circle

Trivia:  To create the polar ice cap in which the submarine is lodged, 140 tons of snow and ice were trucked into a soundstage that was refrigerated for five days in order to capture the Arctic conditions and make sure viewers could see the actors' breath.

No spring could be found that was powerful enough to eject the alien stiletto-like point fast enough, so the crew ran a rubber hose up Brian Thompson's - The Bounty Hunter - sleeve and activated it pneumatically from off camera.

scene from Fearful Symmetry
February 24, 1995

I saw David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear once. - Mulder

Location:  Fairfield, Idaho

Trivia:  This is the only time the Lone Gunmen group has appeared without Dean Haglund's "Langly" character.

There was some concern that the elephant would be reluctant to run toward the truck for the teaser sequence, but as it turned out the beast loved the truck, and the problem became keeping the pachyderm away from it. (awwwww!) The episode title came from William Blake's poem The Tyger.

scene from Dod Kalm
March 10, 1995

I think I just lapped George Burns. - Mulder

Location:  Norwegian Sea

Trivia:  For a few weeks, the show had access to a Canadian navy destroyer that had been used in earlier episodes. Howard Gordon was asked to write a script for that setting. And although Chris Carter said: "This'll be a great rest for everyone," that's not the way it turned out. Filming on the ship was freezing cold and the actors had to endure 3 to 4 hours of makeup for their aging sequences. Because of this, one of the outtakes of Gillian Anderson's monologue ends by her saying she's sure of one thing: "Howard Gordon is a dead man."

scene from Humbug
March 31, 1995

Imagine going through your whole life looking like that. - Blockhead

Location:  Gibsonton, Florida

Trivia:  To the astonishment of cast and crew, Gillian Anderson actually ate at least one live cricket during the filming of this episode.    (ewwwwww!)

Darin Morgan (the writer) watched a tape of the Jim Rose Circus, casting Rose (Dr. Blockhead) and the Enigma (The Conundrum) in key roles. Neither had ever acted before. Although writers usually only stay through the prep phase, Darin Morgan remained throughout the filming to make sure the hour captured his vision.

scene from The Calusari
April 14, 1995

It is over, for now. But you must be careful. It knows you. - Head Calusari

Location:  Arlington, Virginia

Trivia:  The material oozing out of the walls during the exorcism scene is called amrith, a "honey-like, viscous liquid". Also mentioned is Vibuti, or Holy Ash, supposedly materialized out of thin air during a paranormal event. These physical displays of spiritual phenomena are commonly cited in spiritualist literature.

When Charlie stands over his grandmother before her death, he says (in Romanian), "You are too late to stop us."

scene from F. Emasculata
April 28, 1995

Watch your back. This is just the beginning. - Skinner

Location:  Cumberland Prison, Virginia

Trivia:  Mulder and Scully use their cellular phones more often in this episode than any other. During Seasons 1 and 2, they usually used a Nokia 101 or 121.

The "F" in F. Emasculata stands for "Faciphaga". The insect that serves as the vector for the infection is properly termed Faciphaga emasculata.

Mulder gives his badge number, JTT047101111, in this episode.

scene from Soft Light
May 5, 1995

I won't be your stalking horse, or the government's. - Mulder

Location:  Richmond, Virginia

Trivia:  A little bit about the guns of The X-Files ... In the pilot, Mulder carried a Taurus 92 automatic, firing 9mm rounds. Scully carried a Bernadelli 7.65. Mulder later switched to a Glock 19 and Scully changed to a Walther PPK 7.65. In the first few episodes of the 2nd season, they were both carrying Sig Sauer weapons; Mulder carried a Sig Sauer 226 and Scully a 228. They are now carrying the FBI standard weapons, Smith and Wesson 1076. These guns are no longer manufactured. Mr. X also used a Sig Sauer P228.

scene from Our Town
May 12, 1995

If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise, Scully. - Mulder

Location:  Dudley, Arkansas

Trivia:  Some of the material regarding cannibalistic tribes, and the discovery of rounded human bones that appeared to have been boiled in pots, relates to research Spotnitz had done about the Anasazi, the native people Chris Carter refers to in the subsequent episode. The name Chaco Chicken was derived from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, where that tribe was believed to have lived and such bones were found.

This is only the second episode in which Mulder has killed someone.

scene from Anasazi
May 19, 1995

Nothing vanishes without a trace. - The Cigarette-Smoking Man

Location:  Washington D.C., New Mexico

Trivia:  The Majestic 12 documents are almost as famous among UFO buffs as the Roswell incident. Supposedly documenting the existence of a secret organization dedicated to the concealment of extraterrestrial contacts, they purport to have been compiled for Harry Truman soon after the Roswell crash. Arguments rage about their provenance and authenticity, but perhaps the most telling link to "Anasazi" is the international character of the alleged conspirators.

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