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This is not an episode guide... it's just a little bit of episode trivia. All of the information was taken from Trust No One™ The Official Third Season Guide to The X-Files™ by Brian Lowry. No copyright infringement is intended... I'm only trying to share a little trivia with other philes who might enjoy it as much as I do. All images have lovingly resided on my hard drive for years and were originally taken from Quotes, when I couldn't remember them, were taken from Inside the X. Brushes used in the graphics are from Hybrid Genesis. Please navigate the seasons with the little squares above.

scene from The Blessing Way
September 22, 1995

Only the holy people can save the FBI man's life now. - Albert Hosteen

Location:  Two Grey Hills, New Mexico; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  Nicholas Lea, who plays Alex Krycek, was the former boyfriend of Melinda McGraw, who plays Melissa Scully. Asked how it felt to help shoot his girlfriend at the end, he said, "I was just hoping she would speak to me when we got home."

The New Mexico locations were created at a rock quarry in Vancouver painted red with 1,600 gallons of red paint. After painting the quarry, visual effects then inserted footage actually shot in New Mexico to complete the illusion.

scene from Paper Clip
September 29, 1995

I've heard the truth. Now what I want are the answers. - Scully

Location:  Washington, D.C.; West Virginia

Trivia:  In this episode we learn the birthdates for Mulder [10/13/61] and his sister, Samantha [11/21/65], as shown on the file folder Mulder discovers in the mine. Trivia buffs will note that Fox Mulder now shares a birthday with his creator, Chris Carter, and Samantha Mulder shares a birthday with Chris Carter's wife.

Unable to use a real white buffalo for this episode, the crew were forced to photograph a very light-colored calf and bleached it optically in postproduction.

scene from DPO
October 6, 1995

This is the first lightning strike I've ever seen that left behind a footprint. - Mulder

Location:  Connerville, Oklahoma

Trivia:  The episode drew its inspiration from a one-line concept card, Lightning Boy, which had been tacked on a board in Carter's office as a possible episode since the first season.

Special effects coordinator David Gauthier rigged a lightning machine, buried in the ground, for the sequence when Darin is struck. The actor stood on a small stand, with the riggings underneath capable of generating three million candlepower each. Mirrors were used to establish the effect of the lightning flaring up and outward.

scene from Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
October 13, 1995

If the future is written, then why bother to do anything? - Mulder

Location:  St. Paul, Minnesota

Trivia:  The part of the Stupendous Yappi was written specifically for Duchovny's stand-in, Dutch-born actor Jaap Broeker who briefly reprised the role later in the season in Jose Chung's From Outer Space. Anderson did have one problem with Broeker's appearance, frequently laughing when he darted up to her with his hyperactive eyebrows arched.

The real Clyde Bruckman was a screenwriter for Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd in the days of silent film; he committed suicide.

scene from The List
October 20, 1995

Woman gets lonely, sometimes she can't wait around for a man to be reincarnated. - Scully

Location:  Leon County, Florida

Trivia:  The fifth episodes seem to be lucky for Chris Carter. He received a Directors Guild of America nomination for The List after getting a prime-time Emmy Award nomination for Duane Barry, the fifth episode of the second season, which he also wrote and directed.

Rice was used in place of maggots in some instances, but real live ones actually had to be placed on the prop bodies. ... ewwwwww! "They're just the most disgusting things you can imagine," said Anderson.

scene from 2Shy
November 3, 1995

I don't know too many scorpions who surf the Internet. - Scully

Location:  Cleveland, Ohio

Trivia:  David Duchovny's photo double, Steve Kiziak, was discovered during the technical survey for this episode. An electrician's apprentice, he had just moved to Vancouver and was spotted coming out of a Starbucks coffee bar by locations manager Louisa Gradnitzer. She noticed him because of his unerring resemblance to Duchovny right down to his walk. Director David Nutter started yelling, "Hey, you! Stop! We've got to talk to you!" "I think he thought we were going to abduct him, or try to sell him car speakers," Nutter says.

scene from The Walk
November 10, 1995

Sometimes the only sane response to an insane world is insanity. - Mulder

Location:  Ft. Evanston, Maryland

Trivia:  The sequences where Rappo tosses Mulder and the general across the room utilized a device called an Air-Ram, which employs compressed air and when triggered creates the effect of someone being catapulted.

Writer John Shiban got the idea for this episode from watching an old Marlon Brando movie, The Men. "It just popped into my head that the strongest emotion for this guy is just to get up and walk... the astral projection thing just kind of fit."

scene from Oubliette
November 17, 1995

Lucy may have died for Amy, but without you they never would have found her. - Scully

Location:  Seattle, Washington

Trivia:  Oubliette (derived from the French root "to forget," also referring to a forgotten place or a concealed dungeon having a trap door in the ceiling as its opening) proved to be David Duchovny's favorite episode of the third season with regard to his own performance. Director Kim Manners points out that Mulder had expressed emotion before over the loss of a family member, but not a stranger, and that actress Tracey Ellis's sensitive portrayal of Lucy helped bring both the character and Duchovny to that emotional crescendo.

scene from Nisei
November 24, 1995

Believing is the easy part, Mulder. I just need more than you. I need proof. - Scully

Location:  Knoxville, Tennessee; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Newport News, Virginia

Trivia:  The number of the boxcar in which the alien autopsy takes place is 82594. This recalls the date, August 25, 1994, when Chris Carter first stepped behind the cameras, directing the Emmy-nominated episode Duane Barry. The date reappears periodically throughout the rest of the third season.

"It was fun to jump on a train, fun to jump off a train. It was something I hadn't done," Duchovny says.

scene from 731
December 1, 1995

And what they can't cover they apologize for. Apology has become policy. - Scully

Location:  Perkey, West Virginia; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  The entry code is 1111471, which reappears later as the aircraft registry number on the downed P-51 Mustang in Piper Maru. Although most of the numbers that appear in The X-Files have some hidden meaning, this number, which first appeared as part of Mulder's badge number, has NO significance. It is, if anything, the ultimate in-joke: a sly tease for the fans who hang on every detail. ... Riiiiight! The exit code is 101331 and that has no meaning either? ;) Show me a phile who gets hung up on details, lol! Uh-uh, no way.

scene from Revelations
December 15, 1995

I wait for a miracle every day... - Mulder

Location:  Loveland, Ohio

Trivia:  "It dealt with faith, not religion with a capital R or Catholicism with a capital C," Chris Carter explains. "To me, the idea of faith is really the backbone of the entire series - faith in your own beliefs, ideas about the truth, and so it has religious overtones always."

The episode offers a virtually unique case of role reversal involving Mulder and Scully, which Duchovny took as a refreshing change of pace saying "I found it easier to be the character that kind of sits back and says, 'No, that can't be true.'"

scene from War of the Coprahages
January 5, 1996

I never thought I'd say this to you Scully, but you smell bad. - Mulder

Location:  Miller's Grove, Massachusetts

Trivia:  Animal trainer Debra Coe used approximately 300 cockroaches for this episode, during which there was only one casualty: one cockroach-actor died from old age.

Scully is reading Breakfast at Tiffany's, a reference to David Duchovny's appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy. The final Jeopardy question referred to this Truman Capote book: Duchovny guessed wrong and lost the game. "Her name is Bambi?" asked Scully. ... best quote in the ep. ;)

scene from Syzygy
January 26, 1996

No, I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals. - Mulder

Location:  Comity, Caryl County

Trivia:  Some hard-core fans on the Internet were critical of this episode, not realizing that Mulder and Scully's uncharitable and at times hostile behavior toward each other partly stemmed from the planetary forces that also affected Margi and Terri.

A syzygy is an astronomical alignment of three celestial objects: the sun, the Earth, and either the moon or a planet. Comity (the town in the episode) literally means "social harmony." ... Sure. Fine. Whatever.

scene from Grotesque
February 2, 1996

Let Mulder do what he has to do. - Agent Bill Patterson

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  Kim Manners identifies this as his favorite third-season episode, with a great script and stellar guest performances by Kurtwood Smith (Patterson) and Levani Outchaneichvili (Mostow). "I thought Grotesque had it all. David did some fabulous work... he really drove himself into this mad world, and I found myself doing it too."

"I'm very proud of that episode because I think it illuminated a lot of Mulder, but also ... that there really is this thin line between madness and sanity." -Howard Gordon (writer)

scene from Piper Maru
February 9, 1996

You're in the basement because they're afraid of you, of your relentlessness and because they know that they could drop you in the middle of the desert, and tell you the truth is out there, and you would ask them for a shovel! - Scully

Location:  San Diego, California; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; Hong Kong

Trivia:  Anderson considers this one of the more emotionally difficult episodes she had to play during the season. "There was something about it - having to pull from the past... how it brought the present and the past together. It was just good to play." The episode was named after her daughter whose middle name means "calm and gentle" in Polynesian.

scene from Apocrypha
February 16, 1996

Maybe we bury the dead alive. - Scully

Location:  Washington, D.C.; Black Crow, North Dakota

Trivia:  Director Kim Manners had his first opportunity to contribute to the larger lore of the series in this episode. "That was the first mythology episode that I've ever done, and I loved it. They're more character-driven. I seem to get the monster of the week."

Bruce Harwood (Byers) once trained as a professional ice skater. Dean Haglund (Langly) spent most of his childhood cross-country skiing but had never skated before. Tom Braidwood (Frohike) hadn't been on skates in a long time, so he practiced on weekends.

scene from Pusher
February 23, 1996

You're stronger than this Mulder, fight him. - Scully

Location:  Loudoun County, Virginia

Trivia:  Writer Vince Gilligan set out to establish a tense cat-and-mouse game between Mulder and Modell, aka Pusher. "The only conscious thing I wanted to do from the start was get them together as much as I could." The big issue in the script ended up being the last act, when Pusher compels Mulder to play Russian roulette. "I can't believe we got away with it, because the first note back from the network was, 'You can't have Russian roulette,'" Gilligan recalls. "I said, 'What do you mean? That's the whole end of the script!'"

scene from Teso dos Bichos
March 8, 1996

So what are we talking here, Mulder? A possessed rat? The return of Ben? - Scully

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts

Trivia:  Kim Manners awarded the crew with Teso dos Bichos Survivor t-shirts after production was completed, with the words, "Second Salmon" on the back - a reference to the script, which changes color with each revision. In this case, the script underwent so many changes (12 different drafts) that they ended up with a salmon colored version twice.

Manners refers to the episode as "Teso dos Bitches". When he read the script he said, "Guys, pussycats are not scary. They're so fluffy and pretty. You don't make a cat a killer."

scene from Hell Money
March 29, 1996

How many dishes do you have to break before your boss tosses you in an oven? - Mulder

Location:  Chinatown, San Francisco, California

Trivia:  Chinese magic is based on the five elements of earth, fire, wood, metal, and water. Each element corresponds to an important body part: fire, for example, corresponds to the heart. Thus when a luckless player in the Game draws a fire tablet, everyone understands that he has drawn the heart symbol and is doomed.

There really is Hell money. During the Chinese New Year, and on yearly anniversaries of a relative's death, specially printed paper money is burned as a gift to the spirit world.

scene from Jose Chung's From Outer Space
April 12, 1996

I know it probably doesn't have the sense of closure that you want, but it has more than some of our cases. - Scully

Location:  Klass County, Washington

Trivia:  "Diana Lesky" and "Reynard Muldrake" are thinly disguised pseudonyms for Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. (Reynard is the French word for fox.)

Jose Chung provided a breath of fresh air for everyone on the series at a time in the production year when many were beginning to drag and feel their energy fading. Guest star Charles Nelson Reilly captivated virtually everyone and "gave us a lift" with his enthusiasm.

scene from Avatar
April 26, 1996

Whatever I believe may have happened, that has no place in an official report. - Skinner

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  If you scan the credits for this episode carefully, you'll see Skinner's lawyer listed as "Jay Cassal." The character was originally intended to be male so when Tasha Simms was cast, the character was renamed "Jane Cassal" - although not in the credits!

Avatar had two significant omissions: First, a scene with CSM where he questions Skinner's allegiance, and second, a line from Skinner, who, when Mulder says he's finished at the Bureau if he won't trust someone, responds, "That's hard to hear, coming from you."

scene from Quagmire
May 3, 1996

It's funny, I just realized something... how much you're like Ahab. You're so consumed by your personal vengeance against life, whether it be its inherent cruelties or mysteries, everything takes on a warped significance to fit your megalomaniacal cosmology. - Scully

Location:  Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

Trivia:  Quagmire is most notable for the nighttime sequence where Mulder and Scully get stranded together in the lake. "I loved that," Anderson admits. "That was so much fun... It was just neat to have us separated from everything and stuck on this island where we could wax philosohpical and kind of tell the truth to each other in strange ways."

scene from Wetwired
May 10th, 1996

Scully, you are the only one I trust. - Mulder

Location:  Braddock Heights, Maryland; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  Joseph Patnik, the killer in the teaser, is played by Linden Banks, who played the antiabortion activist Rev. Sistrunk in Colony. Crystal Verge, who plays Dr. Lorenz, appeared in Red Museum in a red turban, reading instructions channelled by Odin. Colin Cunningham, who plays the mysterious Dr. Stroman, was Escalante the leper in 731.

The writer for this episode, Mat Beck, is the special effects producer for the X-Files. He wrote his master's thesis at Harvard on visual perception.

scene from Talitha Cumi
May 17th, 1996

What we're talking about is colonization. The date is set, isn't it? - Mulder

Location:  Washington, D.C.; Quonochontaug, Rhode Island; Arlington, Virginia

Trivia:  Many postings on the Internet grumbled about the prospect of the Cancer Man perching anywhere near Mulder's family tree. "I didn't anticipate the response, but I'm happy for the response, to be honest," says Carter. "What it does is it creates questions and certainly suspicion. It draws the audience in, just in the way you want it to..."

The episode's title, which means Arise Maiden in the ancient Aramaic language, comes from the healing of a young girl that takes place within that story.

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