season 5 scene from The Post-Modern Prometheus


This is not an episode guide... it's just a little bit of episode trivia. All of the information was taken from Resist or Serve, The Official Guide to The X-Files™ by Andy Meisler. No copyright infringement is intended... I'm only trying to share a little trivia with other philes who might enjoy it as much as I do. All images have lovingly resided on my hard drive for years and were originally taken from The X-Files Screen Grab Archive or my own caps. Quotes were taken from the book or Inside the X. Brushes used in the graphics are from Hybrid Genesis. Please navigate the seasons with the little squares above.

scene from Unusual Suspects
November 16, 1997

No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough. - Susanne Modeski

Location:  Baltimore, Maryland

Trivia:  While filming his scenes for Unusual Suspects, David Duchovny insisted on wearing a wedding ring; did this add a clue to his background that would be explained in the future? Hmmm… how come it never was?

Eric Knight, who played Eric the Hacker Dude, is David Duchovny's personal assistant. Props master Ken Hawyrliw made his X-Files debut playing himself in this episode.

scene from Redux
November 2, 1997

Did they give Agent Scully this disease? Did they do this because of me? - Mulder

Location:  Washington, D.C.; Alexandria and Sethsburg, Virginia

Trivia:  For the Level Four DARPA facility scene, mammoth wood-and-stainless steel cabinets had to be built to hold the microchip-bearing test tubes. "There were ten thousand drawers so we had to set up a production line to type ten thousand labels. We had to custom-order ten thousand identical drawer pulls, and we had several little men on several big ladders with several little screw guns. Afterward, we realized we didn't have space to store the drawer pulls, so they probably ended up in the dumpster." -set decorator Shirley Inget

scene from Redux II
November 9, 1997

I can't let you take the blame … because I couldn't live with it. - Mulder

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  From Frank Spotnitz: "Redux II is one of my favorite episodes. I think the story has a crystal purity and clarity, and it just comes to a perfect point for me." and from Gillian Anderson: "I thought it was a terrific episode, especially the scenes in the hearing room…. How it was written and shot and how it was edited. Fabulous."

"I think Redux II is one of the best episodes we've ever done." -Chris Carter

scene from Detour
November 23, 1997

Too bad we don't have any office furniture. - Mulder

Location:  Leon County, North Florida

Trivia:  In Frank Spotnitz's original draft, Scully's campfire song was supposed to be "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams; Chris Carter asked for something "off the wall and strange" and "Joy to the World" was substituted.

"In that scene, I sang intentionally badly. In real life, I can do a lot better than that." -Gillian Anderson

scene from Christmas Carol
December 7, 1997

You're not here, Dana, you're a million miles away. - Bill Scully Jr.

Location:  San Diego and Chula Vista, California

Trivia:  "I felt in the end that I was a little low energy, a little too melancholy. It was hard to find the right attitude for Scully in dealing with a child that's apparently hers; to find the right flavor of relationship to her and this disease she's going through, all mixed up with the aspect of the paranormal. I couldn't play the kind of attachment I would feel if my own daughter, Piper, were going through the same thing." -Gillian Anderson

scene from The Post-Modern Prometheus
November 30, 1997

Dr. Pollidori, is there something you'd like to tell us? - Mulder

Location:  Rural Indiana and Memphis, Tennessee

Trivia:  The role of Cher was written for Cher herself, but she turned it down while agreeing happily to let her own recordings be used for the episode.

Chris Owens, who played The Great Mutato, recalls many pleasant on-set conversations with David Duchovny while he was in full make-up. When asked by Chris if he would like to meet him for a drink sometime, David said "Sure! What do you look like?"

scene from Emily
December 14, 1997

Who are these men who would create a life whose only hope was to die? - Scully

Location:  San Diego and Chula Vista, California

Trivia:  Scully's gold crucifix was crafted to props master Ken Hawryliw's specifications by a local North Vancouver jeweler.

Though aired on consecutive weeks, Christmas Carol/Emily was the first X-Files two-parter filmed out of sequence.

scene from Kitsunegari
January 4, 1998

I'm not dead. She wants you to shoot me. She knows you'll never forgive yourself. - Scully

Location:  Lorton, Occoquan, and Falls Church, Virginia

Trivia:  To play the part of the late Nathan Bowman, special effects makeup guru Toby Lindala painted one of his in-house dummies the right shade of cerulean blue.

"I loved the concept of Kitsunegari, just as I liked Pusher. The whole idea of somebody imposing their will on others really intrigues me." -Gillian Anderson

scene from Schizogeny
January 11, 1998

How a six foot four, 250 pound man was buried alive in less than five minutes by a 16 year old kid whose classmates lovingly refer to him as 'Dorkweed'? - Mulder

Location:  Coats Grove, Michigan

Trivia:  What, exactly, does schizogeny mean? "It means that every season around that time we do a show with a lot of S's and Z's in it," cracks producer Paul Rabwin.

In fact, it's a scientific term for asexual reproduction - fission - frequently used in botany texts.

scene from Chinga
February 8, 1998

Well, you know, short of looking for a lady wearing a pointy hat riding a broomstick, I think you've got it covered. - Mulder

Location:  Ammas Beach and Schoodic Lake, Maine; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  The classical music selection playing as Scully drives into town, as well as when she's taking her bubble bath, is Hummel's Piano Concert No. 3, Opus 89.

The title of this episode is an extremely vulgar Spanish colloquialism - something Stephen King was unaware of when he chose the name.

scene from Kill Switch
February 15, 1998

Artificial life, it could exist. It could be here among us, evolving. - Mulder

Location:  Washington, D.C.; Fairfax County, Virginia

Trivia:  In Kill Switch, computer pioneer Donald Gelman is described as "writing Internet software before there was an Internet." In his novel, Neuromancer, William Gibson (co-writer of the episode) coined the phrase "cyberspace" in 1984.

Editor Heather MacDougall won an Emmy Award for her work on Kill Switch.

scene from Bad Blood
February 22, 1998

Scully, what happened? - Mulder

Location:  Cheney and Dallas, Texas; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  As Sheriff Hartwell, Luke Wilson inadvertently held up production by sending David Duchovny into hysterics during the scenes they filmed together.

To make their eyes appear to glow in the dark, several of the vampires who swarm Mulder in the RV park have fluroescent materials glued to their eyelids, which accounts for their somewhat vacant expressions - they couldn't see.

scene from Patient X
March 1, 1998

I'm actually looking for Agent Scully. I haven't been able to reach her. - Mulder

Location:  Skyland Mountain, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Ruskin Dam, Pennsylvania

Trivia:  Veronica Cartwright, who plays Cassandra Spender, is the older sister of actress Angela Cartwright (Lost in Space).

For her role in Patient X and The Red and The Black, Cartwright received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

scene from The Red and The Black
March 8, 1998

Their faces! They have no faces! They have no eyes! Oh, God. They're coming at us! - Scully

Location:  Washington, D.C.; Wiekamp Air Force Base, West Virginia

Trivia:  The televised list of Skyland Mountain victims viewed by Scully in her hospital room is made up of the names of X-Files staffers.

Patient X and The Red and The Black marked a mid-season highpoint in character development, plot complication, and overall demands on the viewer. "It was a way of establishing the mythology by providing a threat to it," explains Chris Carter.

scene from Travelers
March 29, 1998

You keep digging through the X-Files and they'll bury you too. - Arthur Dales

Location:  Chevy Chase, Maryland; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  J. Edgar Hoover's paranoid rant to Arthur Dales about the Communist menace was taken almost verbatim from a speech by Senator McCarthy.

Mulder's smoking habit and wedding ring were added by David Duchovny himself, and will be explained, or maybe not, in later episodes. (uhhh, not!)

scene from Mind's Eye
April 19, 1998

You see through his eyes. You always have. You don't want to, you just do. - Mulder

Location:  Wilimgton and Fairview, Delaware

Trivia:  As documented in his cover profile in Vanity Fair magazine, the wisecrack "even if the gloves do fit - you can still acquit" was an on-set improvisation by David Duchovny.

For her performance as Marty Glenn, Lili Taylor was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Series.

scene from All Souls
April 26, 1998

I've never seen you more vulnerable or susceptible or more easily manipulated. And it scares me, because I don't know why. - Mulder

Location:  Alexandria and Mount Lebanon, Virginia; Washington, D.C.

Trivia:  In pulling Scully, much against her will, into the spiritual and supernatural aspects of the story, and at the same time making Mulder the unconvincible skeptic, they underlined the Mulder-Scully crisscross that had been a major theme of the entire fifth season. "And in the end," says co-writer John Shiban, "we were really happy about the story."

scene from The Pine Bluff Variant
May 3, 1998

I was being used? The whole operation - the people who died in that theater? - Mulder

Location:  Angola, Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Trivia:  Kate Braidwood, who played the movie theater usherette, is the daughter of X-Files first assistant director Tom Frohike Braidwood.

When Scully asks for "Mr. Kaplan" at the Aaron Burr Motor Court, it is John Shiban's sly homage to the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece North by Northwest. In that film, George Kaplan is the CIA-assigned pseudonym to an imaginary secret agent registered at hotels all around the country.

scene from Folie a Deux
May 10, 1998

See who's getting hurt if you bust down the door? - Gary Lambert

Location:  Oak Brook and Chicago, Illinois; Washington, D.C.; Quantico, Virginia

Trivia:  "The idea that there's a monster around that only you can see - the clinical definition of madness - has always seemed scary. The notion that one's boss is secretly a demon also resonates widely." says Vince Gilligan.

"You never really see it (the monster) that closely. But that's okay. The truth is, your imagination can be much more effective than real life." -Vince Gilligan, writer

scene from The End
May 17, 1998

You're wondering, aren't you? About that other girl. She's wondering about you, too. - Gibson

Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia; Washington, D.C.; Fort Marlene, Maryland

Trivia:  The End is the 117th, and final, episode of The X-Files to be filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The final day of shooting was on April 29, 1998. Attached to The X-Files daily call sheet, for day 8 of 8, were two personal letters. The first was from producer Joseph Patrick Finn; the second from executive producer R.W. Goodwin. Both were letters of thanks and goodbye to the crew, and everyone they had worked with, for five wonderful years.

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